Monday, October 17, 2011

9 months old!

Ok, I'm a little late.....but could not miss the chance to note for me, you and posterity the changes in William at 9 months.

William is just so cute! His hair is getting thicker and blonder and people seem to think he is looking more like his Mum. His eyes are still an indeterminate green-grey-hazel and very beautiful. His smile is heartbreaking and you cannot help but chuckle when he laughs. (If one could bottle the sound of a baby's laugh I think no one would need Prozac ever again). He couch cruises, and has started to stagger behind his walking toy (like a walker but cuter) always looking for applause once he has gone for a stretch. As a result he has gotten quite good at clapping his own hands! He eats incredibly well: he had his first spaghetti sauce the other day and pronounced it "Mmmm!" This has become his all purpose sound now for "I want"! It usually works, but I am trying to encourage "please" and "thank you" as well. Its never too early.....

His current favorite pastime is to watch the washing machine spin, and to play with the settings on the machine (much to Mummy's chagrin!). His favorite toy is an empty water bottle which he chases around the apartment. He is also in love with his reflection, and gives himself affectionate kisses every morning. He has started to climb, using his teddy bear as leverage (what I call teddy bear road kill!) and has even stood alone for a few seconds. This intrepid movement did lead to an accident where my favorite blue ceramic umbrella stand got sure won't be the last accident we have. He has also been quite a little rascal at bath time, pooing in the bath water for 4 consecutive nights.....the tub is now VERY clean!

As a family we travelled to Portugal to see our dear former neighbors, the Almeida's. They welcomed us and daughter Eva with a huge family party, at least 100 people (and I thought the Moore shindigs were big!) It was great fun, but William found the exuberant pass-the-baby a little much, so we had quiet playtime inside, away from the throng. I hope he copes better by Xmastime, at our own family do.

While in Portugal it was warm enough to spend a day at the beach. Daddy eagerly took his boy down to the water to play, but William was having none of it. I guess the waves were a little large and loud for him. Anyway, I set him down standing by me, holding my hand, thinking he would enjoy the sand. No way! He was turned around headed away from the water as fast as his fat little legs could carry him. It was very cute.

All of us, including William, did love all the fruit in Baltazar's property, and Maria's delicious Portugese cooking....good food and lots of it! It made us miss our old neighborhood and neighbors. Who knows, maybe we'll move back?