Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Eire Experience

The 3rd weekend in May found Meg and I in beautiful old Dublin. A fabulous place filled with kind, inviting people very happy to show you a jolly time. While Greg immersed himself in Irish revolutionary history, Meg partook of the literary sightseeing opportunities and walked in the footsteps of Joyce, Wilde and Yates. The weather was beautiful and warm and the locals noted on many occasions that this was a once in a season type of happening - just for the lucky Canucks we supposed. Greg wasted little time getting into his first pint of local brewed Guinness and didn't stop sampling until it was time to leave. We both very much enjoyed the hearty Irish fare after many months of croissants, cheese and other French classics (poor us indeed).

We toured Trinity College and heard many tipbits of quirky fact from the tour guide, a student at the university. His comment about the "insufferable nature" of those that proudly hold to their overly patriotic protection of the Gaellic language gave us both a chuckle. Greg's other favourite was the military history museum and the Gaol while Meg preferred the natural history museum and the excellent shopping. We were both very drawn to the music, played by many musicians young and old, using various unique instruments on almost every street corner and inside every pub.

All in all, a wonderful albeit too short weekend that will go down in the anals of fantastic get-aways.

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  1. Thanks for a quick peak into what I can expect when I am there although I am going to tell my friend to go to Guinness tour before I get there...I would not waste my money on it because I don't drink it (and the tour is not cheap).