Friday, December 2, 2011

the Joy of Baking for Baby

A baker I am not. I used to be back in those glorious days when my mother looked after all the other housework, God bless her. Then I had time to bake, but now when its a choice of dinner or cookies, I make dinner (Greg wants to know what is wrong with cookies for dinner?). But the other day actually found me in the kitchen, be-floured and be-aproned! The special occasion? William's first birthday. If anything bring out the Betty Crocker in a Mommy it is that first birthday cake.
The cookie eater wanted to know why we couldn't just buy William a chocolate cake, budabing, budaboom? Funnily enough there are few birthday cakes for sale in Paris. I'm not sure what their birthday tradition is (I should ask) but it ain't cake. Plus William is only 1 and chocolate is still on the no no list according to baby authorities, ditto for all his little friends. So I got inspired and found a recipe for chocolate banana cupcakes....a little something for both my boys.
Not being an accomplished baker I figured I better give these cupcakes a trial run, hence the aforementioned baking day. And it was really fun. While sifting and stirring in my tiny kitchen, my soon to be one year old baby toddling at my feet, I had a moment of pure contentment. These moments are surprise gifts, happening when we're 'busy making other plans'. It had something to do with how yummy those banana cupcakes turned out to be, and showing William how to mix and stir, and peeking into the oven with him to watch them turn golden brown. But it also had something to do with reflecting on the past year with William. How life has changed with him in so many happy ways. Something too, about how he can get me doing things I haven't done in years, like baking, and how these are things that I want to do more of with him because they are good, wholesome, fun things to do.
I hope to do more baking with my boy. I hope one day he will want to do it with me. I hope his birthday cupcakes turn out just as well on the big day and that we laugh, and play and have a wonderful day. I hope he grows up strong, and true, and well. I also hope he doesn't grow up too fast. But no matter how old he gets, I hope he still likes doing things with his Mama, cause his Mama loves doing things with him.

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  1. I have been checking for happy that both of you enjoyed preparing for his special day. It was also your special day!!!